Water Discovery Center Programs

Programs currently being developed for the Water Discovery Center include everything from nature walks and lectures to hands-on stream exploration and cultural festivals. Educational programs about water as a resource and how to protect and preserve it will be cornerstones of the WDCís offerings and will have special curricula for the thousands of school children expected to visit on field trips each year. Further, adult programs will be developed on topics of interest to the local adult population, second homeowners and transient tourists.

A number of programs will be developed to encourage upstate-downstate awareness and cooperation among people of all age groups.

The Water Discovery Center will serve as a teaching institution offering year-round programs inside and outside the building. School children will visit to study the environment, and real wetlands and rivers on the site will allow for hands-on educational programs.




The Water Discovery Center will employ the most engaging exhibit techniques to make visits a memorable experience and prompt visitors to return. Great effort will be devoted to making the educational process not only informative but fun.

These techniques include widespread use of interactive and participatory exhibit concepts and the latest in computer programming systems. Three levels of audio commentary will be offered as options in multiple languages. One level will be tailored for younger school children, another for adults and a third for professionals.

By partnering with existing water education programs, the WDC will offer enriched field trips for elementary and secondary school children and their teachers; seminars for college and university students; educational workshops for public officials and concerned citizens; and distance learning courses. The amphitheater, conference room and classroom space, which includes the capacity for wet experiments and access to the wetlands and river, will be specifically designed to accommodate and attract student groups and symposiums.

The planned Water Institute, under the direction of a distinguished leader in the field, will support the Water Discovery Centerís extensive educational programs. Here information on every aspect of fresh water will be digitally classified, coded and recorded, providing easy internet access to students, scientists, legislators and the general public. The Water Institute will provide an invaluable service to researchers by assisting in translating recent scientific studies. These findings will be summarized in language understandable to the general public and publicized in the popular media. This function will further the Water Discovery Centerís mission of raising public awareness of critical developments in the ever-changing fresh water environment and will become the basis for newly created teaching modules. This will foster the application of the latest scientific insights in the classroom. The Water Discovery Center and Water Institute will become:

  • A clearinghouse for relevant materials about all things water,
  • A leader in communicating scientific developments in freshwater issues,
  • A magnet for researchers, policymakers, professionals and educators in related fields and industries as well as the public at large, and
  • A stimulus for personal action and collective responsibility.

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