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Contact: Martie Gailes

Technical Advisory Committee Takes Shape

Front Row: Carol O'Beirne, Carol Urban, David Seckler, Gary Gailes, Bob Kalb, Martie Gailes. Back Row: Eric Wedemeyer, Sylvia Wolf, Karen Seckler, Leonard Levitan, Lewis Kolar, Karen Kolar, John Riedl

In June 2008, the Board of Trustees of the Water Discovery Center met with Dr. David Seckler. Dr. Seckler, an economist specializing in water resources, has agreed to chair our Technical Advisory Committee.

Dr. Seckler served as Director of the International Water Management Institute, has taught at Colorado State University and UCLA, Berkeley. At Winrock International he established and directed the Center for Economic Policy Studies, where he acted as senior advisor to developing country governments. Among his numerous overseas engagements, he was Senior Development Policy Advisory for US AID in Indonesia, and Project Specialist for the Ford Foundation. Dr. Seckler is currently serving as Director of Winrock Water, an initiative of Winrock International that provides information services in the field of water resources.

Under the leadership of Dr. Seckler, the Water Discovery Center has recently recruited two additional water experts to the technical advisory committee.

Dr. Roberto Lenton, Senior Advisor for International Development at the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction at Columbia University has joined the WDCís Technical Advisory Committee. As former director of the United Nationís Sustainable Energy and Environment Division at the UN Development Programme, and former Director of the International Water Management Institute managing field programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Dr. Lenton brings a wealth of experience to the WDC technical advisory committee.

In addition, Dr. Jack Keller, CEO of Keller Bliesner Engineering, will bring a unique blend of engineering experiences that include teaching, research, extension and consulting in more than 60 countries. Nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in the design, implementation and management of irrigation systems, Dr. Keller is currently involved in projects related to efficient agricultural irrigation, river basin water management and conservation, and developing efficient low-cost irrigation technologies for small farms. Dr. Keller is Professor Emeritus in the Biological and Irrigation Engineering Department at Utah State University and is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering.

As the Water Discovery Center emerges from a concept to a physical reality with engaging exhibits and effective educational programs, the insight, advice and support of these world renowned water experts will help guide our development.

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