About the Water Discovery Center

The Water Discovery Center will be a bridge between two very different communities - the Upstate water-providing communities and the Downstate water-consuming public. Their stories will be intertwined, just as they are in real life.

The WDC will tell the story of the creation of one of the most extraordinary municipal water systems in the world; the story of community sacrifice that came with the building of this water system; the story of the cultural heritage of the watershed communities; the story of the wondrous bounty that nature has bestowed on the Catskills and the care that must be taken to access, harvest, distribute, preserve and protect that bounty for the future benefit of millions of people.

The progress we've made so far is in large part the result of our dedicated Board, our tireless creative team, and the generous support of our charter members.



(We would like to thank Bill Borne, Joseph Hurwitz, Andy Komonchak, Leonard Levitan, the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, and Frost Valley YMCA for generously allowing us to use many of the pictures on our site.)

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