Sample Letter of Support

Grassroots support is important to potential corporate sponsors and foundations. Letters of support could help generate thousands of dollars in funding. You may find the letter below helpful in guiding you as you write in support of the Water Discovery Center project. You needn't follow it exactly, or even closely. Most beneficial to the WDC are letters written in your own words that describe the reasons you're in favor of the WDC - the positive impact you feel it will have on the community economically, culturally, or in any other way.

We ask that you address, and send, the letters to us at the WDC so that they can be included in grant applications.

Water Discovery Center
P.O. Box 10
Big Indian, NY 12410

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of the Water Discovery Center. The WDC has an important story to tell. Its historical message is both interesting and little known. Its educational focus on the most priceless resource on the planet is exciting and essential. I urge you to become a supporter as well.

Thank you.

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