Local Artifacts Needed!

We need the help of the Catskill community.
For the WDCC to tell the story of the Watershed, our exhibits need to include local artifacts. These can include just about anything associated with the watershed towns and their residents, as well as information on construction of the reservoirs, dams, and tunnels. The list below will help give you an idea of the information and materials we are seeking. Your help is also needed in locating objects that might help define the region before the reservoirs were built.

Possible Artifacts

Old signs
Railroad memorabilia
Hotel memorabilia
Objects of everyday life
Family photos
Images of lost towns
Native American artifacts

Work gloves
Construction tools
Tanner's tools
Accounting books

What Happens to My Contribution?
We are not collecting artifacts, yet, but we ask that you if you have information or an object to contribute. We'll get in touch with you once detailed exhibit planning is underway. Even then, you won't have to part with your artifact if you don't want to. We can photograph it digitally, if necessary.

Skills and Stories Also Needed
Objects, photos, and written accounts aren't all we're after. We also want to showcase the special skills and stories of the region. Please in these areas.

Thank you for your help in making the Water Discovery Center a unique, interesting, and informative experience for our visitors.


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